Traditional Medicine


It is said that, “a person who has been in the water for an hour or less has a chance of living.” A foaming at the mouth of the victim is considered the “sign” as to whether they will live or not. If it appears, the chances for survival are good, but no one must wipe this foam off. It is needed for the first large breath, and will disappear by itself. This is very important. There is a saying that “if someone drowns, their relatives should not take care of them because they might get impatient and wipe the foam away. Those who treat a drowned person must be calm and not panic.”

After being pulled from the water, the victim is carefully placed on a small incline so the water will drain out, and then they are left alone. There should not even be any talking near the unconscious person. Only after the water has drained out of the body and the victim has started moving around can they be treated further. Sometimes a warm, wet cloth is applied to the body (except the head) to warm up the person.