Traditional Medicine


When trying to stop a nosebleed, attention is focused on two main parts of the body. The first is the nape of the neck. Ice, snow, a stone or wrapped-up wet tea may be applied there. The back of the neck may also be sucked by someone. Second in importance are fingers, which are tied down with the second knuckle pointing up. Some people tie the fourth finger on the right hand if it is the right nostril that is bleeding, and the fourth finger on the left hand for the left nostril. Some always tie the fourth finger on the left hand and some tie the smallest finger on the left hand (the latter may simply be tied below the nail).

Another way to stop the bleeding is to cool the person down. In the winter, snow is placed on the roof of the mouth and all over the face. In the summer, the person drinks something cold and is surrounded by large cool stones (on the lap, against the sides, etc.).

Urinating can also help stop the bleeding. Drinking or chewing tea leaves (Labrador tea, fireweed or ground juniper) can help strengthen a person after much bleeding.