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April 27, 2010

April 2010: Local Cultural Committees Visit. Exchange and Discussion Groups at the McCord Museum

By Daniel Gendron

Within the A.S.I. CURA programme and Marie-Pierre Gadoua Ph.D. project (McGill University) a series of meetings were organised (April 13, 14, 15, 27, 28, and 29, 2010) with members of the Local Cultural Committees (LCC) of Nunavik. The sessions were held at the McCord Museum because the archaeological and ethnographic collections under discussions are part of the Museum’s collection. Avataq planned the overall visit of the LCCs and arranged the schedule. Beside the McCord Museum, the LCCs members also visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Avataq’s Reserve, and several workshops and discussion groups were also organized with the different department within Avataq (e.g. archaeology, genealogy, language, etc.). The main objective of these sessions was to give to the LCCs an idea of what resources were available to them to define their own cultural projects that will help preserve and develop the Nunavik Inuit Culture in the long term.

The McCord meetings were also centred on the examination of the Inuit collections housed at the Museum. Marie-Pierre Gadoua wanted to establish the function and/or the origin of the different categories of objects in order to develop a referential to study artefacts collected on Inuit sites throughout the Canadian Arctic. The six meetings wer the occasion for very interesting discussions and exchanges, Guislaine Lemay, Curator at the McCord, and Daniel Gendron, from Avataq, were also present during the sessions. It is hoped that other meetings of this nature be organised in the near future.