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3 juin 2010

Just a quick Intro...

Hi, welcome to my blog. I was asked to be part of the Avataq team as a blogger because I’m a passionate writer. I believe that knowledge is power and I believe that my purpose is to help others gain knowledge. It seems as though the people of Nunavik have very few resources in terms of dependable, unbiased media. I want to give you my promise as a writer that I will only speak the truth and I will not be intimidated by anyone. That is one of our biggest problems in Nunavik… people don’t always say what they think because there’s always someone to shut them down; always. But I promise you, my reader, that I will not be shut down. I will say what I think should be said.

Do not take it personally if I disagree with you or your opinions. Just know that I have a voice and I am well prepared to use it. I will be the voice of reason in a region where people sometimes feel censored. We live in a democracy; it’s the least I can do to do my part.

Anyway, enough about that. I’ll just introduce myself quickly:

I’m a young person who grew up in one of the smallest communities. I’ve seen and known more than people might think. I’ve lived up north and down south, in small, medium and large communities, I’ve lived in cities and near farms. I’ve attended university and travelled the world. I still have lots of schooling to do and lots of traveling to do as well. I take pride in who I am and where I come from. This amazing place in Arctic Canada that nobody knows about is my home, you are my people and I want nothing more than a secure future for all of us. I want us to keep Inuktitut alive, not just the language but the culture. Inuuvugut, uqausivullu ilurrusivullu kamatsiarialivut. Without us, it could all disappear. That’s an unacceptable fate for such a strong, beautiful, unique culture. We were born survivors, we were born to withstand hardships, we have the capacity to successfully create a better world for ourselves. We’re rich with the knowledge of our elders and the energy of our youth. We are lucky to have this place to ourselves! This virtually untouched, pristine arctic paradise is our home. We are the keepers of this land and we hold the keys to our future. I want you to understand that and be proud of it!

So that, ladies and gentlemen is my introductory blog post. Please stay tuned for more. I welcome criticism and debate, please let me know what you think and how you feel about my thoughts, questions and big ideas!



À cause de l'impossibilité de supporter les différentes polices de caractères en syllabiques, les commentaires doivent obligatoirement être rédigés en Anglais, en Français ou en Inuktitut romanisé. Nous sommes désolés de l'inconvénient.

Youth-to-Youth, 'Misiriaq and Quaq"?
Publié le Jeudi 08 Juillet 2010 par Angely Pacis
JC! Question for you: Can you please explain what misiraq and quaq are? What kind of food is this? I'd like to try some too! And, I'm guessing that "Nakurmilik" means: "see you later?" or "Peace-out?". Kindly let me know what these words mean. Thanks!
Beau blog
Publié le Mercredi 02 Juin 2010 par Mathieu
j'aime le blog

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