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Archival storage & donations

Archival storage

The classification and listing procedures at our archives are in conformity with Quebec’s archival practices, based on a proven and standardized methodology. In order to maintain such standards, the Centre has entirely revised both the archive’s physical layout and its inventory of documents.

The tools used for archival document identification research are listed on our Filemaker™ databases.

A current priority is long-term preservation and conservation of fragile documents and outdated storage media (such as reel-to-reel audio tape). For this reason, the last few years’ work has emphasized the digitization of photographic and audiovisual documents. All material recorded on magnetic tape has been converted, unabridged, to compact disc. Our photography collection is currently being digitized.


The Avataq Cultural Institute administers major archival collections. Our holdings, which include many original documentary items, were acquired mainly through private and public donations.

Many people who have lived, worked or travelled in Nunavik have donated their precious archives. Among them are mainly nurses, priests, anthropologists and individuals involved in Nunavik’s social, economic or political development. Their contributions have bolstered efforts to provide safekeeping for the documentation of the culture and history of Nunavik.

The Institute is also indebted to both amateur and professional photographers, who have donated or allowed us to reproduce their work. In an agreement signed between the Avataq Cultural Institute and the donors concerning credit and publishing rights, the donor’s last name (patronymic) is used to designate the archival collection in which the donation is placed.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Donors receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

To make a donation to the Archives of the Avataq Cultural Institute, please contact Sarah Gauntlett (Archivist).
Telephone: 1 800 361-5029, extension 241