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Background Information

Elders are important members of Inuit society. They are the custodians of their people’s collective experience and knowledge and are the most qualified to teach youth about Inuit values and traditional way of life.

It is also true that youth make up the largest portion of the Inuit population today. It was for the sake of these youth that Avataq Cultural Institute was created in 1980. Avataq has a mandate to protect and promote Inuit language and culture so that Inuktitut and Inuit culture may be preserved for present and future generations.

From the humble beginnings of the organization, Avataq staff have strived over the years to maintain effective and harmonious operations. Not a few years were needed to compile the organization’s archival holdings and its collections of photographs, artifacts, art and cultural items. Over this time, Avataq has forged a strong reputation and developed important relations with other organizations.

The staff and programs of Avataq Cultural Institute continue to grow, and invaluable partnerships have permitted the organization to achieve many of its goals.

In the context of regional self-government negotiations and a population boom, a forward-looking approach is leading Avataq to enhance its services and focus its efforts on new strategic planning.

In 2005, Avataq Cultural Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary during the Nunavik Inuit Elders’ Conference in Ivujivik.

After a quarter of a century of hard work, Avataq is still ready to face new challenges and renew its commitment to Nunavimmiut.

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