The land


IVUJIVIK means “ice that piles up and becomes jumbled (especially along the shore),” as a result of the action of sea currents, of which there are many in the area. A seal harpooned in the water can get lost under the icepack.

Before the Qallunaat poured into the area, Ivukivik was a favourite hunting place, even for Inuit who did not live in the region. There was an abundance of seals and walrus, which the Inuit hunted using umiaqs. In the summer there were saltwater fish, and the belugas passed nearby on their spring and fall migrations. In the spring, murres and other birds nested on the cliffs. Ivujivik is a good area.

by Taamusi Qumaq (1992)

Ivujivik village

Ivujivik village