The land


UMIUJAQ means “hill that resembles an umiaq" [1] . The community of Umiujaq is in an area where wildlife is especially abundant: it is possible to hunt caribou, beluga whales and seals, as well as fish. There are also ptarmigan and other game. Although the village of Umiujaq was established very recently, it is a pleasant community because the people living there still follow tradition. The air is clean and clear, making it possible to see great distances. There are 270 Inuit in Umiujaq. The village has a wonderful view of the steep-cliffed islands that dot the coastline between Inukjuaq and Kuujjuaraapik.

by Taamusi Qumaq (1992)

[1] A large boat made of sealskin or walrus skin, which Inuit women operated (Men used the smaller qajaqs.) Umiaqs were sometimes used for hunting, but mostly served to transport dogs, tents and equipment from one campsite to another. Originally, the village was called “Umiujuq,” which means “beached umiaq” and reflects a major hill in the area, which from a distance resembles a beached umiaq, but in the water.